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TNRC Agenda December 8, 2017

Transylvania Natural Resources Council
Agenda for December 8, 2017
Presentations: (Beginning at 9:00 a.m.)
9:00 – 10:00 – Katie Greenberg – Effects of various habitat management on a suite of wildlife species (game and non-game). This could touch on active management (commercial and non-commercial treatments, P-burns, etc.) as well as passive “management”, i.e. the effects on wildlife of not actively managing the forests of the Southern Appalachians.
Business Meeting (Approximately 10:15 a.m.)
Minutes from November (attached)
New Business:
January 12th – Yvonne McCall-Dickson; Cherokee: Their Natural Environment and Practices
February 9th – Sustainable Forestry in WNC. Rob Elliot, Evergreen Packaging (tentative)
March 4th – Climate Change and WNC (still working)
April 13th – RK Young: Short Video “Hometown Habitat”; National Climate Assessment
May 11th – (field trip) Dave Casey & David Whitmire: Courthouse Cut
Old Business:
Updates from subcommittees, public land managers, and others:
Subcommittee on Significant Natural Areas, management recommendations (Kent, David, Dan, Mark Tooley, Torry Nergart)
Subcommittee on Landslide Planning (Davis W-C, Gray Jernigan, Aaron Bland)
Addison Bradley – Update on Hemlock Restoration Initiative (Kent, Jason, Jennifer)
Public Land Managers (for PHF: status of forest management plan)
David Whitmire (Fish and Wildlife Conservation Council) (Stakeholders Forum update)
Next meeting: January 12

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