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TNRC Meeting Minutes November 9, 2018

Meeting minutes for Transylvania Natural Resource Council
Regular Meeting

November 9, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 A.M. by David Whitmire; the business meeting was called to order at 10:35 A.M. by David Whitmire.

Roll Call:

Addison Bradley Peter Chaveas Jeff Parker Woody Noland Dan Hodges

Jason Guidry  Jennifer Kafsky Mark Tooley R.K. Young

In addition, eleven members of the public were present.

Speaker Series:

Program consisted of a presentation by David Whitmire, Stakeholders Group, and Josh Kelly, MountainTrue, concerning the U.S.F.S. Forest Plan Revision Update.

Approval of minutes from October 2018:

Peter Chaveas made a motion to approve, seconded by R.K. Young. Minutes were approved unanimously.

Future Presentations:

Program for December: Maria Wise, Watershed Coordinator, Mills River Partnership.

Program for January: Cooperative Extension

Program for February: No business meeting. Event co-sponsored with the Chamber of Commerce and Transylvania Economic Alliance: Tom Sweeney, the economic impact of the outdoor recreation industry in the county.

T.N.R.C. event on February 14, 2018: Climate Stories N.C., David Salvesen, Institute for the Environment. Co-sponsored with the library to be held in the Rogow Room 6:30-8:30 P.M.

Program for March: College Day, Jennifer Kafsky.

Program for April: Kids in the forest, presented by various groups.

Program for May: Field trip to D.S.R.F. to revisit Chestnut restoration project.

New Business:


Old Business:

Landslide resolution: remain tabled until follow-up with sub-committee.

Subcommittee on Significant Natural Areas: need to evaluate private versus public land management of these areas.

Updates from public land managers:

Jason Guidry, DuPont State Forest: intensive effort treating hemlocks, specifically areas with high ecological value. Possible trail closures due to rain events. Visitation has reached an equilibrium at 500,000 per year. Hooker Falls restroom will be open by spring.

Michael Cheek, Headwaters State Forest: continuing educating the public regarding the forest.

Jeff Parker, Soil and Water Conservation District: continuing to remove debris from the river. Good Neighbor Authority was signed by Steve Troxler, Transylvania County will be involved in various projects related to this, including improvement of the road to Cove Creek.


Compliments for abundant for:
• The organization and collaboration regarding public land use in Transylvania County.
• The reporting by the Transylvania Times.
• Soil and Water Conservation District regarding tree removal in the river.

Dan Hodges made a motion to adjourn, R.K. Young seconded, approved unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 A.M.

Resolution asking NC Department of Environmental Quality to begin
Landslide Mapping of Transylvania County

Whereas the FY 2019 State budget includes funds to conduct landslide mapping in Western North Carolina, and

Whereas the existence of accurate landslide maps will be important to future businesses and homeowners seeking to relocate to Transylvania County, and

Whereas landslide maps are considered to be important to economic development in our rural county dominated by disturbed earth from existing development, average annual rainfall over 71 inches, and many steep slopes, and

Whereas accurate landslide maps would be a valuable assistance to County Emergency Services functions, and

Whereas Commissioners of Transylvania County have already expressed their gratitude to Senator Chuck Edwards and Representative Cody Henson for interceding on behalf of Transylvania County to receive such consideration,

Be it therefore resolved that Commissioners of Transylvania County request that such mapping be commenced as soon as funds become available.