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TNRC Meeting Minutes April 13, 2018

Meeting minutes for Transylvania Natural Resource Council

Regular Meeting

April 13, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:02 A.M. by Lee McMinn; the business meeting was called to order at 10:15 A.M. by Lee McMinn.

Roll Call:

David Whitmire                     Addison Bradley                   Bart Renner

Woody Noland                      Lee McMinn                         DanHodges                         Peter Chaveas                     Kent Wilcox                           R.K. Young

Dave Casey

In addition, nine members of the public were present.

Speaker Series:

Program consisted of a presentation by Deke Arndt regarding the 2017 National Climate Assessment Report to Congress.

Approval of Agenda:

R.K. Young proposed to make a change in the agenda, Kent Wilcox seconded to allow for a public comment period.

Public Comment:

Terry Marsh and Brent Wilson, N.C. Trapper’s Association, proposed that T.N.R.C. support their efforts to allow for fox hunting and trapping in Transylvania County.

R.K. Young made a motion for an amendment to change the wording of the memo on item number 2 to add “during the interim.”  Peter Chaveas seconded the motion. A motion was made to include striking the statement “sale not permitted” on the memo, as well as striking item number 3, motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Recommendation 2 as amended: during the interim, we ask our elected officials to sponsor a local bill to allow hunting and trapping of foxes “at anytime by any lawful method,” similar in scope to regulations currently extant in Henderson County (year-round, during hunting hours, using normal hunting and trapping methods). The recommendation will be presented to the Board of Commissioners.

Approval of minutes from March 2018:

R.K. Young made a motion to approve, Peter Chaveas seconded. Minutes were approved unanimously.

Future Presentations/New Business:

Program for May:  Field trip to Courthouse Cut arranged by Dave Casey and David Whitmire.

Program for September: Wes Knapp, N.C. Natural Heritage Program will present how to manage Significant Natural Areas. R.K. Young: short video “Steven Apfelbaum-Restoration and Conservation Development.”

Program for October: Subcommittee on Landslide Planning.

Program for November: Cooperative Extension and the Environment, Bart Renner.

Program for December: Maria Wise, Watershed Coordinator, Mills River Partnership.

Tentative programs for January and February: Brevard City Water Department representative and Cooperative Extension programs, such as 4-H.

Recognition of David Whitmire for winning the 2018 N.C. Wildlife Conservation award.

Steve Pagano of Gorges State Park retired, his replacement is Robert McGraw.

Brooke Burrows reported on French Broad River water quality testing in Transylvania County, a project of Mountain True and the Riverkeepers. Volunteers collected data from twenty-three sites in the county, three in Rosman and twenty in Brevard (primarily urban areas). The water will be tested for E. coli for a total of nine weeks, once per week. Thus far, four tests have been conducted and the results are overall acceptable.

Old Business:

Subcommittee on Significant Natural Heritage Areas: Kent Wilcox reported on status of G.I.S. imagery in the county regarding Significant Natural Heritage Areas. The county is required to maintain G.I.S .overlays for a minimum of ten years. 2004, 2010, 2015 images are all available. There is a state agency which is collecting all of the materials and storing them for historical purposes. Kent Wilcox recommended that the county maintain all of these G.I.S. records, dating back to 2004 and to create an overlay which includes Significant Natural Heritage Areas. Cost per layer needs to be determined prior to further action.

Dave Casey sent a plan regarding restructuring and rerouting trails in Pisgah National Forest. The public comment period is currently underway.

Resolution in support of AmeriCorps position: Bart Renner will discuss with county manager in the near future. R.K. Young made a motion to support the position, Kent Wilcox seconded, the motion passed unanimously.

Landslide Planning Subcommittee: nothing to report.

Hemlock Restoration Project: Multiple properties are currently being treated and many educational events are being offered. Brooke Burrows is offering educational events and informational displays at the Farmers Market twice per month including management of hemlocks.

Updates from public land managers:

Pisgah National Forest, Dave Casey: nothing to report.

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Council, Stakeholders Forum, David Whitmire: April 17, 2018 at the M.H.C.R.E.C. there will be a meeting regarding a wildlife strategy for Pisgah National Forest. May 19, 2018 Headwaters Outfitters will host a river clean-up day. Pisgah Pride Day is May 5, 2018.

Lee McMinn made a motion to adjourn, David Whitmire seconded, approved unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 A.M.