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Regional Slaughter / Process Facilities

Inspected Slaughter/Process Facilities

In North Carolina, there are three types of slaughter/process facilities:  State Plants, Talmadge-Aiken Plants, and Custom Exempt Plants.  Click here for a description of each type of facility .  Based upon your production and marketing needs, use the following directories to locate a slaughter/process facility close to you. 

North Carolina   


South Carolina   



Remember, communication with a slaughter/process facility is critical to the success of your relationship with the company packing your meat, as well your relationship with your customers. 
Before you use a facility:

  • Be sure you speak to/visit with the people who are in charge, including the owners, plant managers, etc. 
  • Ask for a breakdown of fees (typical ones include kill fee/head, packaging fee/lb. of hanging weight, labeling, etc.)
  • Ask for details about the packaging capabilities of the plant (vacuum packaging, trays, etc.)
  • Become familiar with the language that your processor uses to describe cuts of meat (primal, sub-primal, and retail)
  • Provide clear, written instructions to the processor about how you want your carcasses processed. 
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