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Eligibility Requirements for Hemlock Cost Share Program

Criteria for Determining Parcel Eligibility: 

Hemlocks along our waterways provide a wide variety of environmental benefits, including shading our streams and keeping our river banks stable.

The goal of this program is to protect water quality by assisting  private landowners with the costs of treating trees in riparian areas. This project is not for landscape trees or shrubs with primarily ornamental purposes. We have set the following requirements in order to comply with this goal:

  1. The property is in Transylvania County
  2. There is at least 100 inches total (measured in diameter at chest height) of hemlocks which are affecting water quality.

“Affecting water quality” can mean that the trees are providing significant ecosystem serviced to the stream through shading, erosion control, and nutrient cycling. If you are unsure whether or not a certain hemlock meets these requirements your tree service professional will be able to tell you.