Learn and Burn Workshop Coming to Dupont State Forest

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Learn about our workshop out at Dupont State Forest!

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“Learn & Burn” Workshops are an excellent way to provide private landowners and others interested in learning how to prescribed burn with a hands-on opportunity to gain experience and knowledge.

These workshops can come in many forms, from a half-day in the classroom and half-day in the field combination, to a full day (or even multiple days) in the field. Ideally, the participants will learn about fire safety, smoke management, firing techniques and more, by learning while doing….i.e., with a driptorch in hand! These workshops can also serve as a good follow-up to the Certified Burn Manager courses that most Southern states offer, to allow participants to put their new knowledge from the course into action.

Below are some resources to help you to develop a “Learn & Burn” workshop for your area. To read more about the successes of past “learn and burns,” check out the “Learn and Burn” Workshops Success Story on the Southern Regional Cohesive Strategy website.