Extension Master Gardener Program – the Benefits of Native Plants

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Image of a plantPresented by Shelby Jackson of Carolina Native Nursery in Burnsville, NC

Many plants will grow well in Western North Carolina, some too well. It can be very easy to fill our garden with popular plants and some do well as landscape plants such as peony, or daylilies. But other landscape plants such as barberry or Miscanthus can be highly invasive. These plants are not native to this area and can in many cases do more harm than good in our garden and may not attract the birds and butterflies that we desire. The talk by Shelby Jackson or Carolina Native Nursery, on August 13, 2019, will be a great opportunity to hear about the benefits of native plants. This talk is sponsored by the Extension Master Gardener℠ volunteers of Transylvania County and is part of the monthly program of talks and demonstrations that will interest Master Gardener volunteers, amateur gardeners, and the public at large.

Shelby Jackson, co-owner and horticulturist of Carolina Native Nursery, is excited to share with you the environmental importance of gardening with native plants and what specific plants will do best, and look best, in your mountain gardens. She will open with some big-picture facts about native plants and how they affect our environment, the birds, and our pollinators. She’ll talk about the evolution of native plants and how they make our world what it is today and also how native plants are necessary to feed our native bird populations and host a multitude of native insects and pollinators. Shelby will continue the presentation with a focus on specific shrubs and perennials that will do best in the home garden. She will highlight some of Carolina Native’s best-selling plants and talk about why they’re so popular. There are so many beautiful native plants that would love a home in your garden so please join us to learn about which ones will do best! If you’re trying to create a butterfly garden or a rain garden, Shelby will have some great suggestions of plants that will do great for you and your unique landscape.

Shelby Jackson, a University of Tennessee Horticulture alumnus, came to Carolina Native Nursery in 2010 after working in the retail section of the industry for many years. She wanted to learn more about the wholesale aspect of horticulture and focus on her love of native plants. She has very extensive knowledge in native plants, as they are one of her passions, but she is also very familiar with shrubs well beyond those that CNN currently grows and offers for sale. Her experience besides sales includes speaking and leading seminars, horticultural research in the field and the laboratory, landscape design, and consulting. She is an N.C.N.L.A. Certified Plant Professional. She has served on the Hendersonville Tree Commission, is on the Horticulture Technology board at Blue Ridge Community College, and is currently a board member for her local greenway, Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway, in West Asheville where she lives with her husband, Jonathan, and their plethora of pets (Lilly, Pele, Sonny, and Pickles). The Carolina Native Nursery is a grower of native shrubs, perennials, ferns, and grasses and sells to both the retail and wholesale markets. The can be found in Burnsville, North Carolina.

The talk is sponsored by the Extension Master Gardener volunteers of Transylvania County and will be on Tuesday, August 13, from 10 a.m. to about 11 a.m., and will be held in the Community Services Room at 106 East Morgan Street in Brevard. The public are most welcome and there is no charge. Refreshments will be served, starting at 9.30 a.m. giving you an opportunity to meet with other Master Gardener volunteers. Telephone 828-884-3109 for any questions.

Janet Lute

Master Gardener volunteer